Photos and video: Veteran's assembly at Daniel Boone Elementary School


Students at Daniel Boone Elementary School in Warrenton honored veterans by reading poems, singing songs and, most impressively, presenting a check for $75 to the Tribute to Veterans Memorial. Students raised the money by bringing in pennies.

"Boys and girls, you brought in pennies," principal Dr. Stacie Goldsmith said during an assembly attended not only by students but by veterans and family members.

Goldsmith, along with poetry contest winners Elijah Scott (first place), Ziva Schneider (second place), and Jason Roethler (third place) presented a handmade check to Tom  Carter, president of the Tribute to Veterans Memorial group.

"Thank you so much," Carter told the students. "We are forever grateful to you. You have supported us year after year."

The three students who won the poetry contest read theirs aloud before the veterans and their classmates. This was  the winning poem by Elijah Scott:

Thank you to the brave me and wome who fought for our freedom.

Every November we remember and are proud to be an American.

May we always remember the sacrifices they made.

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