Dare to Excel: Abigail Bracht

Posted 11/7/19

Warrenton senior Abigail Bracht recently received quite a surprise when she walked into the school cafeteria and found her family waiting to share life-changing news. They, along with a …

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Dare to Excel: Abigail Bracht


Warrenton senior Abigail Bracht recently received quite a surprise when she walked into the school cafeteria and found her family waiting to share life-changing news. They, along with a representative from Lindenwood, were there to inform her she had received a full-ride to the university. After achieving a scored of 31 on the ACT, Bracht was awarded a scholarship of $15,000 a year for five years.“I was shocked when I walked in and saw my mom, dad and grandma were all there, and they brought out this big plaque,” said Bracht, who says she also applied to Truman State University.“I'm still looking at other options and plan to apply for more scholarships.”While she has done the groundwork to prepare herself for college academically and financially, Bracht is still unsure about her career path or field of study. “It’s quite a bit of pressure being 17 and not knowing what I want to do yet,” she added.In the meantime, she is staying busy with her many extra-curricular commitments. Bracht is the captain of the scholar quiz team, which she has participated in for four years. She is also part of the Link Crew, which helps freshmen integrate into high school, and the Book Club.In addition, Bracht is on the Wise Team, which takes competitive timed tests in various subjects at contests around the area.She has also been in speech and debate for two years and is an officer in National Honor Society. Brach also reflects on fond memories from her time in DECA.For the first time, this year Bracht decided to join the school musical and is currently preparing for her role in “Wonderland High.”A lifelong resident of Warrenton, Bracht says she is eager to enjoy her senior year after having gotten her college application process out of the way in August.Q: What are your aspirations for college?“I would like to study abroad for a semester, and all of the colleges I looked into offer those type of programs. I think England would be an ideal place to study, because you don’t have to worry about not knowing the language, but you still get to experience a different culture.”Q: What is your fondest memory from high school?“I would just say any time I've gotten to hang out with my friends and have fun. Those are memories that will always be important to me.”Q: Tell us about the DECA competitions.“I was able to go to Internationals in Nashville, which was a very interesting opportunity. You have to do a role play where you’re given a little story about what’s going on, and you have to hit the main point about how to make the situation better or come up with idea in 10 minutes and talk to the judges about them.”Q: What do you enjoy about being in the musical?"It allows me to talk to people that I don't normally get to talk to and be a part of their world — and try something I don’t normally get to try.”Q: What is an embarrassing moment in your life?"Honestly, I’m a clutz, so I have a lot of embarrassing moments. I end up losing my shoe a lot more than I'd like to admit.”Q: What is your favorite class?“I would say the AP US History class I had. Mr. Menteer taught in an interesting way, and we were able to have a lot of stimulating conversations within my class.”Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your life? “I would say my mom, because she’s always trying to push me to do better and try new things. She's always there looking out for me."Q: What is a defining moment in your life?“When my grandma Melba died. It really showed me that life can be short and you should grab the moment and make the best of situation.”Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you choose? “The United Kingdom in general, because it seems like a very beautiful place to go.”Favorite Food: “Chocolate.”Favorite Restaurant: “Applebee’s.”Favorite TV Show: “Quantico.”Favorite Movie: "Now You See Me.”Favorite Song: “Heathens.”Favorite Musician: “Bastille.”Abigail Bracht