Versatile Warrior: Creech takes on point guard role for Winfield


For Brady Creech, basketball is just one of two athletic passions in his life.

Having played basketball since he was just six years old, Creech is also an accomplished baseball player — a sport he hopes to play at the college level. Still just a junior at Winfield High School, though, time will tell if that hope comes to fruition. For now, he continues to make his mark on the hardwood.

Now in his second year coaching the junior guard, Winfield coach John Varner has watched Creech as a player that seems to do just about everything right. 

“Brady is the type of kid that takes pride in doing the little things. He goes the extra mile with preparation, extra work, and leadership, all while excelling in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA,” said Varner. “What separates Brady from the rest? He is more concerned about the team and making his teammates better than any stats or accolades he receives.”

That attitude and ability to get things done the right way no doubt comes from the right influences and motivation.

“My biggest influences in my basketball life have been my dad and brothers,” said Creech. “What motivates me on the court is knowing I’m playing for something better than myself. That’s my teammates. Also to represent my school in a positive way.”

As the floor general, Creech gets things done while not necessarily being in his natural position.

“Brady has taken over the point guard responsibilities this season,” said Varner. “I would not call him a true point guard, but more of a playmaker. He creates so much for his teammates that his impact on the floor isn’t necessarily noticeable in the scorebook.”

Creech’s ability and willingness to compete makes him truly stand out from the rest. 

“Brady competes. Brady is the best competitor I’ve had the privilege to coach in my 13 years of high school basketball,” said Varner. “Brady has a workman-like attitude. He scores, leads, takes charges, rebounds, creates, all while guarding the opposing team's best player.”

And while he may not be in his natural position, Creech does his best to excel and keep everyone on the floor involved from the point guard position.

 “My favorite thing to do on the court is just looking to get my teammates involved early,” he said. “I try my best to play the role of a true point guard, feed my teammates, hit the shots I should, rebound, and just be strong with the ball.”

Those traits have made Creech invaluable to his team this season. 

“He is our engine. He creates great energy and excitement for this team by his effort and attitude every day he walks into the gym,” said Varner. “He makes the job easier on the coaching staff, because he’s an extension of us on the court. He is the coach on the court.”

 In the future, his prowess on the basketball court may take a backseat to the ballfield.

“I know Brady’s true love is the game of baseball and will play college baseball somewhere,” said Varner. “He will definitely have a chance to play both in college. I believe that's a huge testament to his athletic ability and work ethic.”

Creech would welcome that opportunity.

“I do plan on playing baseball in college and hopefully at a high level,” he said. “I don’t know where I want to go yet, but anyone who gives me the option to play for them, I’ll be truly grateful.”

No matter where he goes, Creech knows the direction he’d like to go in school when it comes to his major. 

“Something that has construction in it, due to my dad being a carpenter,” he said. “I know about all that stuff and could follow in his footsteps.”