Athlete of the Month: Gracie Foran

Posted 9/22/21

Shortly after her arrival at Liberty Christian, the parade of accolades began for Gracie Foran.She attended Fulton Public Schools during kindergarten and was homeschooled until halfway through …

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Athlete of the Month: Gracie Foran


Shortly after her arrival at Liberty Christian, the parade of accolades began for Gracie Foran.

She attended Fulton Public Schools during kindergarten and was homeschooled until halfway through sixth grade. It was then she made her transition east, enrolling at LCA and immersing herself in every athletic opportunity available.

Now a senior, Foran has earned All-State honors in three sports. She has also won one state championship in each of basketball, soccer and volleyball.

Foran's sports journey actually began on the softball diamond. It was not until LCA that she ventured into new territory, having to hang up her bat and glove due to the lack of a softball program at her new school.

As a seventh-grader, she joined the Eagles’ basketball and soccer teams. The next year she added volleyball and is currently off to a dominant start in her final season at the nets. LCA has lost just one conference game, and Foran is making her presence known at every position on the court.

On the hardwood she plays post and in soccer much of her time is spent in goal, mimicking the skills she obtained from softball.

When not playing sports, Foran is involved in student council. Ultimately she would like to play sports at the collegiate level.

Foran is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, possibly either ER medicine or orthopedic surgery. UMKC is among her schools of choice.

Q: How have you been contributing to the volleyball team this season?

“This is my first season playing every single position. Normally I play front row and one or two spots in back row. My back row play, I feel has improved a lot this year. I was struggling with it in years prior. I’ve been really consistent in serving. My second two weeks of the season I’ve cut my errors in half.”

Q: What is your favorite volleyball memory?

“Getting to play with one of my lifelong friends, Maddie Dames. The first year I joined (in seventh grade) Maddie was our setter. Being able to share that season with her was special. That Joplin (state tournament) and the following with her was amazing. Being able to play with her was probably my favorite experience by far.”

Q: What expectations do you have for volleyball this year?

“I definitely think we have the ability to work hard and win the MAC and state tournament if we collectively come together as a team. I fully believe if we work together we can win both if we play together at the best of our ability.”

Q: How have you improved the most as a basketball player?

“My free throw shooting and not fouling as much. I still foul quite a bit. There was a season where I fouled out practically every game. Friends and former players like Andrew Voss and Josh Dames have helped me with free-throw shooting and post moves. My post moves and drawing fouls I’ve improved on also.”

Q: What roles do you play in soccer?

“When I started in seventh grade I had never touched a soccer ball before. I was a softball player, so I said put me in goal because I know how to catch a ball. Immediately I loved playing goalie, but twice in two separate seasons I had injured ribs and I also played sweeper and midfield. In soccer I’ll play any position my team needs me to fill to the best of my ability.”

Q: If you could only relive one of the championships, which would you choose?

“Probably soccer, because that was our first year going to state, and we almost had a perfect shutdown of no goals scored in soccer the whole weekend. I let two goals in the entire weekend. I was definitely very proud of that. I believe that was my first sport getting awarded All State.”

Q: What do you appreciate most about going to LCA?

“I would have to say it’s the people. My administrator, Mrs. (Bev) Wilgus, is one of the most patient and understanding people I’ve ever met. She will work for the best in any situation possible and truly wants the best for the students.”

Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

“My parents have been some of the biggest influences for me. Right now the person I look up to the most is my brother, Michael. He’s been doing a lot of amazing things in ministry and just moved to Nebraska by himself. I look up to him for how steadfast he is in his faith and I want to be more like him.”

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

“I’ve always thought Europe was super cool. I’ve always found it to be pretty and the history and culture behind it to be fascinating.”

Favorite food: Tacos or burgers
Favorite restaurant: Stefaninas
Favorite TV show: "Avatar: The Last Airbender”
Favorite movie: “Mama Mia”
Favorite song: “Lady" by Brett Young
Favorite musician: AC/DC


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