Wright City

Work continues on both Stuermann and Roelker roads in Wright City

By Jason Koch, Editor
Posted 6/20/23

The city continues to monitor patches on Roelker Road while crews use heavy equipment to fix Stuermann.

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Wright City

Work continues on both Stuermann and Roelker roads in Wright City


Long-awaited work to Stuermann Road in Wright City has begun.

Wright City Director of City Services Kyle Roettger told aldermen during the June 8 meeting that Mid Rivers Asphalt has started repairs to the road. Work began June 8 and continued into the next week, Roettger told The Record by email.

He also said the city anticipated four days of traffic impact to complete the work. This meant the road was one-lane only and required a flag man to direct traffic.

An additional day of traffic impacts was expected when the road is striped.

“Was the stripe part of the bid?” asked Board of Aldermen President Ramiz Hakim.

“No, that was a separate one,” Roettger responded. “We went out for bids on that one.”

“I would just say the last time we striped a road, as soon as it was freshly asphalted, the road didn’t take in that paint,” Hakim said. “So I would rush the process of striping that road for the sake of it staying there as long as possible.”

“OK,” Roettger said.

Roettger also gave an update to work on Roelker Road.

“We’ve been still addressing our patches,” he said. “Every Friday we’ve been adding a layer of one-inch minus and then rolling it for a smooth driving service. We’ve also been spraying it down with water periodically to cut down on the dust from the traffic.” 

About the author: Jason Koch is the editor of The Warren County Record, and covers local news and government for the newspaper. He has won multiple awards from both the Indiana and Illinois APME and from the Illinois Press Association. He can be reached at 636-456-6397 or at jason@warrencountyrecord.com

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