Dare to Excel

This outstanding Liberty Christian student excels at leadership and sports

By Jason Koch, Editor
Posted 11/15/23

Andreanna Scheltens is the student council president and volleyball, basketball and soccer star at Liberty Christian Academy student in Wright City, MO.

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Dare to Excel

This outstanding Liberty Christian student excels at leadership and sports


Meet Andreanna Scheltens, a senior at Liberty Christian Academy.

Andreanna lives in Lake St. Louis, but found her way to the Wright City school because she said she didn’t feel like she was able to make relationships with her classmates at her previous school in Wentzville.

And since she started attending Liberty Christian last year, she’s become an integral part of the school’s student body as she is serving as the president of the student council this year.

Q: How did you get involved with the student council?

“I’ve always wanted to do student council. But when I was going to a public school, it’s just not really a thing you get to do. So when I came here, they were like ‘do you want to be on student council’ and I said I would love to be on student council. I love planning events. It’s super fun. I enjoy it. And so last year I joined just as a member and this year I ran for president and I won. It was super fun.”

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Q: What are your goals for the student council this year?

“So our main event is homecoming, which we got all that finalized finally. But I’m hoping that we get to do a few spring events that we’ll plan later this year, which they haven’t done in a few years. So I’m super excited to get to do that. We’re looking at a few different ideas. We looked at doing a hoe down with line dancing. I talked to somebody and she said she'd be willing to come in and teach us line dances. And then I also want to do a seventh and eighth grade dance this year because they don’t really have a dance. It’s not going to be a formal, it’s going to be more like a neon night.”

Q: What have you learned being on the student council?

“I’ve learned a lot about planning events. I feel like I’ve learned how to email people. I’ve learned a lot about management. Public speaking has been a big part of it because you have to do a lot of announcements. A lot of leading the pep rallies. I think I’ve gotten better in front of people and just speaking.”

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Q: How did you get involved in the clubs and the sports you play?

“Everybody usually ends up doing the same things. My friends are like ‘hey, we’re doing Bibles and breakfast’ or ‘hey, we’re doing prayer fasting today,’ and I’m like ‘cool, let’s go.’ Sports wise, I’ve just always loved sports and the girls are super encouraging about getting people to come on the sports teams.”

Q: What has being in the clubs and being on the sports teams taught you?

“I feel like sports have taught me a lot about myself and learning that I’m just not always going to be the best and I just have to be OK with that. I mean, I’m 5’4”. I’m not ever going to be the best at anything. I think it taught me a lot about myself and how I deal with things that I struggle with, like basketball for me. I’m not good at it. I’m a short person and I just did not pick it up as fast as some of the other girls did. So it taught me that I need to be patient. I need to just take my time and learn how to do it. But that’s something I feel like God is trying to show me for a while now. So I think God’s using that in my life to show me patience and endurance and just working hard and stuff like that.”

Q: Where are you looking to go to college?

“I’m looking at a few places. Right now, I’m just sending out my applications and then in the spring when I get my financial aid packets back, that’s where I’ll probably end up going. I would love to go to either Evangel or MoBap, but finances are going to be the major decider there.”

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Q: What are you thinking about majoring in?

“I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field ever since I was really little. I would love to get done with my nursing degree and probably end up working in the emergency room or something. I would love to end up working in the NICU at some point, but I’m open to whatever God has.”

Favorite class: Forensics

Favorite type of music: Country

Favorite band or singer: “As of this moment, David Jushner. I’ve been listening to his album every day for the past three weeks.”

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite vacation spot: Indiana state dunes

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