State and county election candidate profiles

Posted 7/29/22

Primary elections for party nominations for the Missouri State House of Representatives, Missouri State Senate, and Warren County elected offices will be held this Tuesday, Aug. 2. Each election, we …

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State and county election candidate profiles


Primary elections for party nominations for the Missouri State House of Representatives, Missouri State Senate, and Warren County elected offices will be held this Tuesday, Aug. 2. Each election, we ask the candidates in competitive races to complete a questionnaire summarizing who they are and what they want to accomplish as an elected representative. Below are the responses from candidates for each position, listed in the order they appear on the ballot.

General elections will be held in November; however, because only one area race has a Democratic candidate, the August Republican nominations will essentially decide most of these races. (The Democratic candidate, running for State Senate District 26, is not included below because they are uncontested for nomination.)

Primary ballots will also include competitive nominations for the Missouri state auditor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. Information about these candidates is not included in our candidate profiles.


Nate Tate

Age: 43
Occupation: IT director and corporate compliance officer
Previous public office: St. Clair alderman, Missouri state representative

Reason to seek election: To be a voice for the people. It seems that most politicians forget who puts them in office and I want to be the changemaker. I want to be the one who equally and fairly represents everyone in the district. We have to protect our state sovereignty now more than ever. With things like CRT, red flag gun laws, and this transgender movement, we must act to keep Missouri the way we want it, not how DC wants it.

Top priorities:
1) Anything and everything related to state sovereignty.
2) Initiative petition reform. This will help to protect Missourians rights from outside influences.
3) Accountability at all levels and for all departments within the state. We have to find ways to trim waste and make sure our tax dollars are being spent as wisely as possible.

Qualifications: Having been in public service for over 30 years, I have knowledge and experience at many different levels of government that helps me to better represent my constituents.

Other comment: I consider myself to be a common sense conservative and I can work with anyone. This is a cornerstone trait that is missing in today’s world. If  we can’t all start working together, then the divisiveness in this nation will just continue to widen.

Ben Brown

Age: 37
Occupation: Restaurant owner
Previous public office: None

Reason to seek election: For the better part of 10 years my focus was on starting and building my small family restaurant business because I saw that as the best way to provide for my children’s future. After the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I started watching what was happening both locally and around the country. What I saw was more government overreach and, in some cases, blatant corruption than I ever thought possible in a free society like ours. It became clear that I needed to be more concerned about what kind of world my kids were going to grow up in. I believe that it’s no longer enough to elect people that just claim to share your values. We need people willing to go to Jefferson City and fight for those values.

Top priorities:
1) Education. We need to get politics out of schools and put an end to divisive teachings like critical race theory. If we don’t put an end to the indoctrination of our children, then nothing else matters because these are the leaders of tomorrow.
2) We need to strengthen state sovereignty and end dependency on federal dollars. This includes reining in out-of-control spending and holding our elected officials accountable when they are not being good stewards of our tax dollars. We have a record budget surplus, and there’s no reason why we can’t do this while also cutting taxes for hardworking Missourians.
3) Stopping any legislation that seeks to infringe on the rights and liberties of law-abiding Missourians. Being a constitutional lawmaker is just as much about stopping bad legislation as it is passing good legislation.

Qualifications: I am a business owner who found out firsthand during the pandemic how out of control government shutdowns can harm small businesses and families. I am also the former Chairman of the Franklin County Republican Central Committee and former National Committeeman for the Young Republican National Federation. I spent much of the last two years working to pass legislation to restore oversight and accountability to the process in which emergency health orders can be issued. I stood up for what I believed was right and fought unconstitutional mandates even when threatened with imprisonment and fines.

Other comment: I am the only candidate endorsed by both the Fraternal Order of Police and Missouri Right to Life. I’m also the only candidate supported by the Missouri Firearms Coalition and have the highest rating possible from the NRA. These endorsements are based on my strong, conservative values and the voting records and positions of my opponents that stand contrary to those values. I am the ONLY candidate who said they will vote to overturn the gas tax and NOT overturn the second amendment preservation act.

Bob Jones

Age: 75
Occupation: Retired business owner
Previous public office: None

Reason to seek election: I am frustrated by the dysfunction in the State Senate. I owned J&W Cycles with my brother for over 38 years. I want to bring back common sense and a business philosophy to government.

Top priorities:
1) Education reform
2) Infrastructure for business, including broadband
3) Reduce regulations on farmers and businesses

Qualifications: I am a former business owners, a graduate of University of Missouri, and taught high school. Community leader chairman of Washington Town and Country Fair, chairman of Washington Chamber of Commerce.

Other comment: I am a reasonable person who can build consensus to accomplish a functioning and good government.

Merry-Noella Skaggs

No candidate response received.

Jason Franklin

No candidate response received.


Jeff Myers

Age: 53
Occupation: Owner, J4 Door
Previous public office: None

Reason to seek election: I served my country and the State of Missouri since I was 21.  First as a soldier in the Army National Guard and then as a career long State Trooper.  I am concerned about the direction our country is headed.  I am Pro Life, Pro Second Amendment, and Pro Law Enforcement .  When the Federal government fails to do its duty, or in the case of the previously mentioned issues, works to undermine them, it falls to the states to stand up for their citizens.  You need people with conviction and leadership to stand in the gap, and I believe I possess those qualities.  I look at problems with a solution based approach.  I think that can be applied in our legislature.

Top priorities:
1) Initiative Petition reform.  Currently out of state groups have been paying to place issues on Missouri ballots that would never pass the legislature. After aggressive and expensive ad campaigns, usually funded from out of state, they use the population centers of the metro St. Louis and Kansas City to gain majority votes.  The process needs to more represent the will of all Missourians, not just the Democratically controlled metro areas.
2) Ensure the Rural Internet Initiative is carried out to full completion.  There were ARPA funds allocated for this, I want to see the people in our district have the tools at their disposal as the other areas for education and commerce.
3) Clean up and simplify the legislative process.  I understand I would be a newly elected representative, but I think it’s time we went back and prioritized what issues are pressing, narrow them down in scope and stop the current behemoth pieces of legislation that are too cumbersome to understand everything that gets added on.

Qualifications: During my 28 years on the Patrol, I spent 19 years on the Executive Board for the Troopers Association.  It was there where I learned how the legislative process works.  As a trooper, everything from our benefits, to pay, to how we did our jobs went through the General Assembly.  We, as an organization, learned early on if you didn’t ask or voice your concerns, the legislators were not aware of what or how the legislation they produced affected you.  It started with meeting and having personal relationships with our own reps and senators.  Over the years those relationships grew.  Being a legislator is a team effort.  It takes understanding of how the process works as well as networking and relationships with others to be effective.  Having first hand insight into that process is something that differentiates me from the others.  

Other comment: This is where I grew up.  My family’s roots run deep in this district.  Even when the Patrol stationed me in other areas, this was always my home.  That is why when given the chance, we moved back here, back home.  I care about the people, the land, the culture.  I’m not a politician.  I believe in the citizen legislature and then returning to whatever it was you were doing before.

M. Rene Yoesel

Age: 64
Occupation: Retired
Previous public office: None

Reason to seek election: I helped my parents when the government tried to invoke eminent domain on their farm, watched friends and family struggle with rising costs and taxes, and saw first hand, while working in Jefferson City, the need for improved transparency and accountability. I’m ready to quit complaining and do something about it!

Top priorities:
1) Address concerns with transparency and accountability of legislation and tax dollars.
2) Ensure District 42 has the tools for sustainable infrastructure solutions for growing our economy and bridging any gaps in communication to ensure all voices are heard.
3) Protect local control for public education.

Qualifications: Doctorate degree in leadership & policy analysis. 40-plus years experience in education, mental health and workforce development. Eight years working for a state government agency. Small business owner. Served on 25-plus state task forces. Participated in budget hearings at the Capitol. Experience with fiscal notes, legislation, grant writing, and state contracts. Passionate about making a difference.

Other comment: I am a retired mom, grammy of five, wife, daughter of hard working farmers, a proud Warren County resident of 33 years and a taxpayer who has worked in Jefferson City for the past eight years. I have seen first hand the need for improved transparency and accountability of government spending and legislation. I am real, reliable and ready to shake things up at the Capitol and be the voice of the hard working citizens of District 42.

Joseph Holiway

Previous public office: None

Reason to seek election: I wish to be elected to this esteemed position so that I may have an opportunity to better the lives of the citizens who I will represent in District 42. I wish to make a difference in the lives of my constituents and make my family proud.

Top priorities:
1) To listen and work with and for my constituents and take their interests at heart.
2) Join any committee that is designated to the Division of Social services. If there are none, then start one. We have a system that is failing our citizens daily and it seems to me there are not enough people concerned about this.
3) Protect families, farmers and small businesses. These are the backbone of our nation and must be preserved.

Qualifications: I care about the future of our district as well as our great nation. I have a Bachelors degree from Missouri Baptist University, course work completed for a Masters in counseling, and I have vast experience in working with the public, public and private education, as well as manufacturing. I am a strong leader that genuinely cares about people and the future. I am open minded and capable of working with others to find solutions for the problems we are facing.

Other comment: I am a Christian family man. I love serving the needs of others. I love problem solving and working with people to make things better. I have a hope that our country will unite and be the America that leads the world by taking care of each other. Love is a powerful thing and we must not let hate or our differences divide us. We must all work together to bring each other up. I am a blue-collar family man who has the interest of the blue-collar family at heart. God bless you all and God bless America.


Christy Bonstell

Occupation: Production manager, US Title
Previous public office: None

Qualifications: I have worked in the title industry for 33 years. I have spent my entire career in and around the Recorder of Deeds office, from running the old books, looking at old plat maps and digging through old records to ensure people have a clean title to their property. I have used the Laredo System that the Recorder of Deeds office uses and have worked with not only in Warren County but in St. Charles and Franklin County. 

I have worked closely with attorneys to ensure that deeds are properly prepared and executed before being recorded. I have also been endorsed by numerous business professionals and attorneys within the area to be the next Warren County Recorder of Deeds.

How would you improve the efficiency or logistics of the recorder’s office?

 I would like to continue the quality of customer service that the Recorder’s office has given the public over the past years.  I would like to improve the information that is available to the public with online services. 

I also would like to link the recorder’s office to the County Assessor’s office to have easier access and availability to individual property owners ariel maps and recorded deeds.  I will work closely with the County Commission, County Clerk and Assessor’s office to insure that the public has the best information available when it comes to the documents that have been put of record within the Recorder of Deeds office.

Cynthia Short

Occupation: Instructor
Previous public office: None

Qualifications: I have well over a decade of experience in local government, assisting multiple departments in various capacities, including working in the office of the Warren County Recorder of Deeds. I am familiar with the department’s procedures and intend to continue with the current administration’s efficiency and streamlined operations of the office.

How would you improve the efficiency or logistics of the recorder’s office?

Due to the diligence of the current Recorder and staff, the office is presently operated at a high level of efficiency. To meet the logistical challenges of the county would include addressing the topic of implementing a dedicated website for the Recorder’s office and employing other tools in the future that could prove beneficial.

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