Warren County

Photo gallery: Warren County Fair livestock competition winners


These are the winners of the livestock competitions during the 2023 Warren County Fair. They are pictured in the same order in the gallery.

  • Aaron Paul- Market Beef Reserve Champion 
  • Austyn Wood- Market Poultry Reserve Champion, Market Poultry Novice Showmanship 
  • Bailey Schneider- Market Hog Senior Showmanship 
  • Blaine Nordwald- Market Beef Junior Showmanship 
  • Blaine Nordwald, Karlee Wagster, Kinze Dent- Pen of Three 
  • Brady Schneider- Market Hog Junior Showmanship 
  • Brantly Pecaut- Market Lamb Novice Showmanship 
  • Breck Schroer- Market Beef Novice Showmanship 
  • Brynn Banze- First Place Market Beef Rate of Gain 
  • Chase Edwards- Market Hog Novice Showmanship 
  • Corbyn Sitze- Market Lamb Junior Showmanship 
  • Doralynn Lee- Market Poultry Senior Showmanship 
  • Emma Duncan- Market Poultry Intermediate Showmanship 
  • Isabella Miller- Market Goat Grand Champion, Market Goat Reserve Champion, Market Goat Senior Showmanship
  • Jaycee Cross- Market Poultry Grand Champion 
  • Jedidiah Gierer- First Place Market Goat Ultrasound 
  • Joseph McNeely- Market Rabbit Intermediate Showmanship 
  • Kaitlyn Mikus- First Place Market Lamb Ultrasound 
  • Kaitlyn Miller- First Place Market Beef Ultrasound, Market Goat Junior Showmanship 
  • Kelsey Miller- Market Rabbit Senior Showmanship 
  • Luke Gerdeman- Market Rabbit Grand Champion, Market Rabbit Reserve Champion, Market Rabbit Junior Showmanship 
  • Matti Haman- Market Lamb Intermediate Showmanship 
  • Mavrick Maier- Market Goat Novice Showmanship 
  • Owen Frye- Market Beef Senior Showmanship 
  • Owen Ketz- First Place Market Hog Ultrasound 
  • Ralph Ellis- Market Rabbit Novice Showmanship 
  • Reagan Vehige- Market Beef Grand Champion, Market Lamb Reserve Champion, Market Lamb Senior Showmanship 
  • Savannah Miller- Market Beef Intermediate Showmanship, Market Goat Intermediate Showmanship, First Place Market Goat Rate of Gain 
  • Shane Vehige- Market Lamb Grand Champion 
  • Sofie Miltenberger- First Place Market Lamb Rate of Gain 
  • Tanner Kloos- Market Poultry Junior Showmanship 
  • Tate Mikus- Market Hog Grand Champion, Market Hog Intermediate Showmanship 
  • Thomas Miederhoff- Market Hog Reserve Champion 
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