Photo and video: All-Star games in Hawk Point


TSM had its first-ever all-star games for youth baseball and softball players June 24 at the baseball fields in Hawk Point. 

The event included players from Warrenton.

"This year the kids that were chosen were either nominated by the coaches or their teammates. And they had to exhibit good sportsmanship leadership and good dedication to their sport," said Mandy Andrews, TSM sponsor coordinator.

"That was very important. It was all around player, not just on the field, but on and off the field was how they were chosen. And they did really well on choosing, you know, good kids that would come out and represent their teams," TSM director Nicole Thompson said.

And despite temperatures that soared into the 90s, the players and their fans were having a lot of fun.

The event featured 12-year-old Nicholas Zamudio, who said he was "hyped" for his game, which started at 6 p.m.

"It's my first ever all-star game," he said. "I've never been selected for anything big before and it's my first time, you know, it's only my second season of baseball. My bat's got plenty of pop, so hopefully I can pop one into center!"

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