Wright City residents can look forward to Stuermann Road improvements

By Ray Scherer, Correspondent
Posted 4/26/23

Officials say the work is scheduled to be accomplished this year.

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Wright City residents can look forward to Stuermann Road improvements

Long-suffering residents in the Stuermann Road area of Wright City will be experiencing a huge relief once a new rehabilitation project is completed.
The Wright City Board of Aldermen last week approved a $92,000 bid from Mid River Asphalt for much-needed repairs to Stuermann Road, which is located on Wright City's south side along Missouri Route H.
Aldermen Ramiz Hakim hailed the relevance of the upcoming work. Hakim himself is among the hundreds of residents who must daily contend with the poor condition of Stuermann Road for their travels.
"It's long overdue," said Hakim of the project. "It's been an ongoing theme for 20 years."
The alderman indicated that the length of time it's taken to resolve the Stuermann Road problems simply reflects the necessary growing pains Wright City continues to undergo. Officials say the work is scheduled to be accomplished this year.
The fund will allow improvements that include widening and repaving the first quarter mile length of Stuermann Road, which provides the only road access to two subdivisions with more than 250 houses. City officials note that the work originally became a gravel construction road that was eventually abandoned by a developer that went out of business.
The road was not wide enough to allow two vehicles to safely pass each other, forcing motorists into taking measures  namely moving off the path. Poor drainage has also been permitting water to move underneath the pavement and damage the road, necessitating frequent repairs.
A $500 fee, levied on each homeowner in two adjacent subdivisions, gradually built about $100,000 in a dedicated fund to finance the work, say Hakim and Wright City Mayor Michelle Heiliger. Hakim had been an advocate of patiently waiting for the fund to accumulate sufficient money for repairing the road. He labels Stuermann Road as among Wright City's worst streets.
The work will include widening Stuermann Road by four feet for the first quarter mile. Hakim said the road will become safer due to the widening on the south side. The road will be striped and also have rock placed on the north side to ensure a minimal dropoff. Construction of a drainage channel, along with replacement water and sewer lines, will complement the project.
The mayor agreed the work will be a major benefit for residents of the area.
"They're going to have a much better road," Heiliger said. "It's going to improve their travel."
Wright City is researching possible grants that could assist with repairs to other residential streets that have earned motorists' complaints, such as Indian Head Lodge Road and Edgewater Circle.
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