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Photo and video: 2023 Warren County Fair baby contest winners


Twenty-one babies from  seven different agre groups were honored during the 2023 Warren County Fair baby contest on July 8.

Babies were judged on their personalities, cuteness, and overall appearance, something the judges said made for an incredibly difficult contest.

"It was unanimous across the judging of who placed in what position," judge Jessica Heitgerd said.

But that doesn't mean judging is easy.

"It's very hard," Heitgerd said.

"It's hard to find judges," contest manager Abigail Owenby said. "People don't want to tell other people that their babies aren't hte cutest ones. But when you have 14 babies in a group and you only have to pick top three, it's rough. It's a hard job."

Still, though, the baby contest is a staple of the fair.

"It's a big deal in Warren County," Owenby said. "It's a big deal fo reverybody, especially anyone that comes to the fair. So it's a prett popular thing and it's just been here for a while. It's just become a tradition for most to participate and then have their children be in it."

These were the winners of each age group. Names are listed in first place, second place, and third place order.

0-3 months:  Hazel Wheeler, Colson Couch, Tyler Carrow Jr.

3-6 months: Paisley Null, Marcia Hood, Storm Jo Pierson

6-9 months: Anastasia Ruebling, Lucy McCafferty, Landon Reece

9-12 months: Avdrynia Pettypool, Emma Sterling, Klayton House

12-18 months:  Knox Wagner, Jah'siah Ramos-Thompson, Harper Hess

18-24 months:  Glennon Mraz, Rory Philbin, Henry Bischof

24-36 months: Kirk Price, Ariena Friedeck, Ava Duncan

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