Election 2024

Meet Virgal Tyrone Woolfolk, candidate for Innsbrook trustee

The Record
Posted 2/2/24

Virgal Tyrone Woolfolk is a candidate running in the April 2024 election to serve a two year term as a trustee in Innsbrook, MO.

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Election 2024

Meet Virgal Tyrone Woolfolk, candidate for Innsbrook trustee


Name: Virgal Tyrone Woolfolk

Age: 69

Hometown: Wright City, Missouri

Occupation: President/CEO of VIRTEK Company and Veteran Defense

Position sought: Board Member at Innsbrook Village

Previous political experience: I have worked in writing and having legislative bills and laws passed by Congress and the General Assembly of California for veterans and environmental laws since I was discharged from the Navy in 1987. I began working as a student aid with Senator Danforth in the early 1970s while attending school at Wright City High School. Subsequently, I have been a legislative advisor for several congress members, Senators and Presidents. I have been on the Boards/or committees for Disabled Veteran businesses, the Farm Bureau, the Urban League, SEIU, the County of Riverside in California and University of California. Currently, I am on the University of Missouri Extension and the Planning and Zoning Committee of Innsbrook for almost three years.
I assisted in writing the Disabled Veteran business legislation in California and for the federal law. I have given testimony before several US Congress Committees on veterans affairs and environmental issues.
Through Governor Schwarzenegger's administration, I was able to have the "Prompt Payment" law implemented to ensure prompt payments within 45 days for Disabled Veteran businesses and other small businesses.
With my law degree in Business Law, Business Management and Environmental Management (MBA in progress), I have considered knowledgeable having worked with both political parties from Congressman Sonny Bono to Congresswoman Maxine Waters.
Due to my occupational experience of being a Transportation Planner, Land Use Planner, Environmental Planner and Growth Management, I have worked with many States, Cities, Civil Rights organizations and grass root organizations in ensuring proper applications when addressing potential impacts from proposed projects and writing new policies.

Website or social media page: www.virtekcompany.com/Facebook (Virgal Woolfolk)

Why are you running and why should people vote for you?

I have decided to run for the position of the Board because there is a real disconnect, lack of professionalism, a lack of basic understanding of the potential impacts of growth from traffic, housing, the new high school, commercial ventures like the Dollar Store, to protect the environment and the lifestyle sought here at Innsbrook. For example, at the front gate during peak seasons in the summer, the traffic is backed up for at least a mile with visitors trying to enter, which impacts homeowners like myself trying to enter. There have been many potential collisions. This clearly shows the lack of understanding of the impact of growth and a resolution to solve this critical situation along Highway F.

Next, the current Board failed to submit the proper paperwork that would have funded the City Hall and now are pushing to construct a facility that will fail to address the projected growth within the next three years by downsizing the building, instead of waiting from the review of the General Plan to better determine potential capacity.

Third, there is no reliable internet service. Having reliable internet service is essential for water or electricity with more folks working from home.

Fourth, there has been no interaction between the County and Cities like Warrenton, Wright City, Wentzville to plan, design and implement alternatives to address the impacts of the growth that is occurring and will occuring with the expansion of the I-70, the construction of the meat processing factory and other residential and commercial expansions that is occurring nearby. For three years, I recommended the General Plan be updated. Instead the Board spent money on a new village hall that is now being downsized because there is not enough funds to construct the original design. But then, Dollar Store came in and the current Board of Directors wanted to take legal actions to stop the construction of the store without legal standing.

What are your goals if elected?

First, there has to be some leadership on the Board and a willingness to listen and also educate the citizens of the issues and explain why certain decisions are made. Next, the Innsbrook Corporation must work with the community and understand it cannot run the community. Here, you have a free pass on whatever the Corporation wants over what impacts it is having on the residents. This includes a lack of internet service, addressing trash, addressing the impacts of traffic and growth along Highway F. With the new school being constructed, we need to be pushing for MoDOT to expand Highway F to accommodate traffic. Which means we need to work closely with the County to address growth. But also meeting with nearby cities like Wentzville, Marthasville to know what expansion they are proposing that could impact our lifestyle.

So my goal is to explain, educate, seek cooperation and develop support from those who live in Innsbrook full time or part time.

Next, I would have meetings on the weekends with residents that work during the week so they would understand the issues and provide a bulletin with updates of actions needed and taken to improve the quality of life. And, ensure Charlie is at these meetings so there is accountability and support from the Corporation in the decision process.

And go on KWRE, where I worked as a teenager, to communicate and answer questions of the citizens on actions taken to improve the quality of life.

What issues are most pressing for your constituency?

Traffic, Internet, increase in fees but service is less, maintenance is enhanced, have more police and fire services nearby, the quality of life here is maintained, and better planning in the future to maintain the quality of life.

Since I moved here the fees were $2,700. This year it was $4,300. But my road was closed for nearly a year waiting for construction to repair a pipeline. The road remains unrepaired from the construction. Yet the Corporation is spending a lot of money to the south building new homes. There must be a focus on ensuring existing residents' properties are maintained.
There have been no meetings between the Corporation and citizens. This Board must demand cooperation. Finally, there is discourse or war between the residents that live inside the gate and those on the outside who don't like the folks on the inside. This is a situation that must be addressed for this community to be functional.

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