COVID cases spike in Warren County

This map shows the location of COVID-19 cases in Warren County by zip code, as of Tuesday, July 14.
Adam Rollins
Staff Writer
New cases of COVID-19 have spiked in Warren County over the last week, with the number of active infections more than doubling in that time. 
The trend has Warren County health officials warning that it’s more important than ever for each person to wear a mask and maintain social distancing when out in public.
“We are finding many of the current cases are due to get-togethers for Fourth of July, parties for graduations, social gatherings of friends, or work exposures,” said County Health Administrator Ruth Walters. “People are gathering more as they are becoming comfortable and complacent, and since everything reopened.”
The cases being identified are people who are getting sick and then seeking testing, Walters added. Many of those are young adults as young as 17, along with elderly patients, she said.
“A few new cases have been hospitalized due to the severity of the virus,” Walters said. “We ask that if someone is tested for COVID-19, that they would quarantine and wait for the results before returning to work or outside activities.  We also ask people to stay home if you are sick!”
Between July 8 and July 14, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Warren County jumped from 60 to 95.
Meanwhile, patients considered recovered from the illness climbed from 41 to 46.
That means the total number of active COVID-19 cases in local communities grew from 19 to 49 in the span of a week.
As of yet, zero deaths have been reported.
COVID-19 testing is available Monday through Friday at Compass Health in Warrenton. Call ahead to get an appointment slot.  The number for the testing service is 636-377-2434.
Cases by area
Central Warren County, including the city of Warrenton, has surpassed the Wright City area for the unfortunate distinction of most COVID-19 cases, according to zip code data from the county health department. There have been 43 cases in the Warrenton zip code, compared to 30 in the Wright City area, which also includes Innsbrook.
Southern Warren County has also seen a notable uptick, with 13 total cases identified in that zip code.
County response
Presiding County Commissioner Joe Gildehaus said on Tuesday that Warren County will continue following health guidelines issued by the Missouri governor’s office. Currently, that does not include requirements for face masks or business restrictions.
Commissioners commented that some individual businesses will probably take those steps on their own. Otherwise, following health guidelines will be a matter of personal responsibility.
Whenever a new case is identified, the county health department seeks information about that patient’s recent contacts, and asks for those people to also isolate if possible and monitor themselves for symptoms.


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