Athlete of the Month: Hunter Sherman

Prior to his senior year, Hunter Sherman had not recorded a single home run in a Warrior uniform. A pivotal three-year contributor for the Warrenton baseball program, Sherman unveiled a powerful hitting display during his final campaign this spring, breaking the school’s single-season record with five home runs.

It was one of the proudest accomplishments for the recent graduate and member of the WHS Class of 2021.

Sherman played third base as a freshman and shortstop during his sophomore year.

With COVID-19 disrupting his junior season, Sherman eagerly awaited his final campaign, during which he played shortstop and centerfield and also pitched.

He batted a team-best .451 with 37 hits, scoring 33 runs and contributing 37 RBI. As a pitcher, Sherman recorded a 2.91 ERA through 21.7 innings pitched in nine appearances. He went 2-2 as a starter on the mound.

Sherman previously played basketball through his freshman year, before deciding to turn his attention solely toward the diamond.

“When I moved here, I thought I’d give basketball a try as an opportunity to make new friends,” said Sherman. “A lot of that has transitioned over into baseball with football and conditioning.”

His older brother plays college baseball and his two younger siblings hone their skills on the hardwood. Determined to continue his baseball career, Sherman is looking forward to suiting up for Jefferson College the next two years. He has been spending his summer playing in the Premier College Developmental League.

Q: What was your greatest baseball memory?

“Beating St. Charles in the first round of districts my senior year. A lot of people thought we wouldn’t win, and we all came together and pulled it off.”

Q: What made the difference in your hitting this spring?

“Definitely the off season. I started lifting weights a lot more frequently and training every day.”

Q: What do you enjoy most about baseball?

“With baseball, in the summer you get to travel and meet new people. Getting to talk with a lot of top talent and meeting new coaches along the way with different backgrounds is pretty fun.”

Q: How did you decide on attending Jefferson College?

“My dad went to school there and was a pitcher. I’ve always just felt at home there. They’re a baseball JUCO powerhouse and I want to win in college.”

Q: What is your favorite topic to learn?

“I’m a big history guy. I love history and science and enjoy learning about them most.”

Q: Who’s your favorite historical figure?

“Jackie Robinson, mainly because of his work during such tough times. Breaking the color barrier in baseball was a very changing impact.”

Q: Where is the coolest place you’ve gotten to play?

“I would say Atlanta. There’s a lot of things to do in Atlanta. Seeing the Braves' new stadium for the first time was fun.”

Q: Who is an MLB player that inspires you?

“I would say Colton Wong, because I’m kind of a small kid, and he’s a major leaguer who can prove that size doesn’t matter.”

Q: Who has had the greatest influence on your life?

“Probably my dad. He’s always been there for me and coached me, teaching me the mental aspect, which really helps in today’s game.”

Q: What would you change about the school system?

“At our school specifically, I’d like to see more kids engaged in athletic activities. I’d like to see more coaches getting involved with the kids, making the environment better for them.”

Q: What did you learn through COVID?

“I learned not to take anything for granted. We could've had a really good team that year, and unfortunately we didn’t get to play.”

Q: What are three words to describe you?

“Dedicated, comedic, aggressive.”

Favorite food: Baseball park hot dog

Favorite restaurant: Fratelli’s Italian

Favorite TV show: “Loki”

Favorite movie: “The Dark Knight”

Favorite song: “Miami" by Will Smith

Favorite musician: “I’m not a big music guy.”


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