After achieving the rare feat of qualifying for the state golf tournament as a freshman, Warrenton’s Travis Toebben got even better in 2018. 

Toebben won the Gateway Athletic Conference North Tournament last month and ran through the district and sectional tournaments the last two weeks, punching his ticket to the state tournament for the second straight season. 

Toebben recently spoke with The Record after being named the May Athlete of the Month.

What’s it been like qualifying for state the last two seasons? “It feels great. It has been the goal for me and feels good to accomplish that.”

Who is your favorite golfer? “Rory McIlroy.”

Is there one course you’d like to play one day? “Augusta National Golf Club.”

What’s your favorite shot on the course? Least favorite? “My favorite shot on the golf course is a little fade with an 8 iron. My least favorite shot is a downhill left to right breaking put for par.”

Do you ever get nervous during tournaments? How do you calm your nerves? “Sometimes I get a little nervous on the first tee box, but I try to take deep breaths and say a prayer to calm myself down.”

Do you have a role model? “Jesus.”

Favorite meal: “Medium rare steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus, and a Pepsi.”

What is the last movie you watched? “ ‘Quiet Place.’ ”

Do you have any superstitions? “No.”

Favorite class: “History.”

Least favorite class: “Algebra 2.”

What is your dream job? “Professional golfer.”

Where is one place you’d like to visit? “The Bahamas.”

How would you help a certain sports editor fix a nasty slice? “When you’re in your down swing, instead of coming over the top and swiping across the ball and slicing it, try to swing more inside and up.”

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