To The Editor:

I have been reading about Prop J, the proposal to have the opportunity to join into the St. Charles Community College taxing district. There has been a lot of talk and plenty of promises made, such as the money from Prop J would stay in Warren County and be used to provide technical training programs and help fund a local technical college campus run by St. Charles Community College.

But the ballot language ONLY obligates those of us who live in Wright City R-2 or Warren County R-3 districts to pay taxes to the SCCC district from here on. There is no sunset clause, no opportunity to hold the SCCC district accountable to promises made. Once we are in, we are stuck. The only thing that would change is a Warren County resident who attends St. Charles Community College could then pay in-district fees rather than out-of-district fees, savings of about $50 per credit hour. There is no benefit for the rest of Warren County taxpayers.

The proposal should be rewritten so that the promised Warren County campus and promised training in Warren County are in the actual language. Then more taxpayers might be in favor of obligating themselves (and the rest of us) to paying more taxes.

Bev Ehlen


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