To The Editor:

We won.

Despite the county commission’s obstinance and its effort to make Julie Schaumberg (collector of revenue) fight with both hands tied behind her back, Circuit Judge David Hoven has ruled that as a matter of law the commission was not entitled to the relief it had requested.

This outcome should never seriously have been in doubt, and it is a tragedy that the Commission forced Warren County taxpayers to waste so much money on a case that should not have been filed in the first place.

It is doubly tragic that the commission scoffed at my offer to forgo a significant part of the payment that I had earned for work done on Schaumberg’s behalf if the commission would just drop the lawsuit and let Schaumberg use the tax maintenance fund to pay my first invoice.

The commission not only had to pay its own attorney for an additional hearing as a consequence, but now I will be submitting an additional bill to cover the ample work I have done on this case since last November.

If the commission is wise, it will let Schaumberg use her tax maintenance fund to pay this bill, and thus be done with this entire episode. If the commission continues to try to prevent Schaumberg from paying her attorney fees, however, it will be inviting Warren County taxpayers to pay for yet another round of unnecessary litigation.

Dave Roland

Attorney for Julie Schaumberg

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