To The Editor:

As a responsible taxpayer, I recommend the immediate implementation of the following actions, which are necessary to rebuild an effective and efficient fire protection district in Wright City:

• The board of directors must manage the fire protection district effectively and efficiently, managing the spending of all taxpayer dollars and listening to the voices of the taxpayers. Taxpayer revenue continues to grow in our communities through economic development, residential and commercial growth. This continuous growth, coupled with the additional funds the district has received through grants, negates the need of tax increases. The Wright City Fire Protection District needs to live within its means and not spend taxpayer dollars on luxury items.

• Positive and proactive engagements and involvement in the community leads to cohesive transparency, trust and support. Rebuilding and engaging volunteers daily, combined with respectful interactions with all citizens at all times, is a critical first step. Development and implementation of an advisory council, representing the voices of the taxpayers, is recommended.

• Evaluate and modify existing operating policies and procedures, focusing on improving safety and eliminating duplications. Cohesively work with all first responder teams and organizations to eliminate redundancies and chaos, delivering improved safety.

As local taxpayers for responsible spending, we would like to see a positive relationship established again between the fire departments and the public. The past two Wright City Fire Protection District tax increase propositions were majority defeated; the tax increases are not necessary, not justifiable.

William Groeper

Treasurer, Taxpayers for Responsible Spending

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