To The Editor:

Teachers are key to a successful and prolific society and should be rewarded for their performance. However, I think our representatives, or those who think they are, are lax in their desire or ability when determining the distribution of our tax dollars.

I received the brief description of Prop W via mail and found the “compare to” chart to be less than adequate as a comprehensive analysis tool. It was obviously prepared to support their agenda only. It does not include nearest counties such as Lincoln and Franklin. It doesn’t include population, which results in tax base, as well as other data, which would result in a more realistic comparison. It does, however show that more population growth results in higher taxes.

Remember, “We want to grow but maintain our hometown values.” Has anyone figured out how to do that? Salary is not the only reason folks move on. The four-day school week was supposed to address teacher losses but appears to be just another bridge or sidewalk to nowhere.

If you remember our history, how about no taxation without representation? Who represents or even recognizes the taxpayer? Probably not our elected officials who approve new business tax incentives. Guess the good ole taxpayer can cover that deficit, as well as anything else the entities can dream up. Look at what has happened in Illinois due to mismanagement and unbridled taxation. We need to put a bridle on our representatives and take the reins.

Some folks vote emotionally because they haven’t presented adequate factual data, don’t take the time to research, or just plain don’t care. Let’s review and understand every category on our tax form. Continued awareness of activities and initiatives in our community is vital. And vote.

Paul Harper


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