To The Editor:

Regardless of the final decision, the county commission has yet to recognize the cause of the perceived problem and not just the symptom.

Mrs. Schaumberg followed a formal procedure, which is quite clear, lawful and understandable. The commission reference to actions of prior collectors, in this situation, shows that the late fee is not a new issue. They, in good faith, took actions which may, or may not have been proper or legal. If a process deviation was warranted, it should have been formalized and implemented.

I am sure that other counties and entities have had this problem. The commission could have been proactive and taken steps to network with them for possible solutions prior to litigation.

In my humble opinion, the commission should self-appraise their entire process for update and improvement. Implementing an appeal procedure for the various levels of local government could eliminate costly litigation.

If we review and digest all available data, recognizing action and responsibilities, could it appear that the commission is suing themselves? LOL. Based on attorney fees, $10,000 for Mrs. Schaumberg and $26,000 for the commission, guess who I would have manage my tax dollars?

Paul Harper


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