To The Editor:

Technical training is paramount to our community’s future.

Not all high school graduates are destined for, or desire a four-year college degree, and that is OK. To thrive our economy needs individuals who work with their hands building and repairing things. In today’s manufacturing industries, technical skills are in very high demand. skills that enable workers to operate the highly sophisticated and technically complex machines used in all arenas of manufacturing.

In today’s competitive environment, the demand for technical skills is so high that businesses and jobs are following the workers. Unlike in prior eras, where people moved to where the jobs are, today businesses are moving to where the workers are. As a community we have an opportunity to create a pipeline of highly skilled technical workers who will attract future businesses and investments in our community.

Voters within the Warren County R-III and the Wright City R-II School districts have an opportunity on April 2 to approve Proposition J (Jobs). Prop J will incorporate these areas into the taxing district of St. Charles Community College. This approval is the first step toward building a regional technical training center right here in Warren County.

The technical training center will provide certificate training programs at an affordable rate to help support the sectors of advanced manufacturing, industrial maintenance and controls, agriculture technology and transportation and logistics. These existing, strong industry sectors in our economy will continue to grow if there are sufficient workers.

The choice is ours. We can send our graduates to other communities for training and employment, or we can create a technical training center to equip our students and residents with the technical skills needed to compete for the jobs of tomorrow. This pipeline of talent will create new job growth opportunities and help our existing employers find the workers and skills they need to compete and grow.

Please vote YES on Prop J. Your vote will help our community build a brighter future and become a magnet for attracting high-paying jobs.

Leon Busdieker

Co-chair of the Warren County Technical Institute Exploratory Committee

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