To The Editor: 

As a 20-plus-year volunteer firefighter, awarded the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri award in 1994, and lifelong resident of Warren County, I request you vote “no” on the 82 percent fire tax increase proposition.  

I proudly respect and support our first responders, but an 82 percent fire tax increase is too excessive, unreasonable and can be damaging to the other agencies dependent on our tax dollars to operate, like the ambulance district, police, 911 dispatch, our schools and roads. 

Equitable spreading of our tax dollars across all the first responder agencies and departments is crucial for our growing and expanding county.  

The Warrenton and Wright City fire departments were founded through volunteers, efficiently operating for decades providing superior protection and services throughout the county. Respecting and leveraging volunteers across the fire districts will deliver efficiencies, eliminating the need for the excessive 82 percent tax increase proposition.  

The Washington, Mo., fire department is volunteer-based, operating efficiently and effectively.  

Passion to community service is a core value for a volunteer, being a volunteer firefighter is a privilege; protecting all the citizens of Warren County is a passion, not just a job. 

Making our dollars work for the citizens of Warren County through disciplined and accountable management within the Wright City and Warrenton fire districts will deliver efficiencies, as well as enhance safety and community engagement.   

Eliminating unnecessary duplicate responses to incidents and dispatches will improve safety, eliminate double taxation and minimize risk caused by the current chaos. 

Are Warren County tax dollars being utilized prudently? I and several of the retired volunteers believe not.

Roger Owenby


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