To The Editor:

On the question of socialism. What we (liberals) don’t want is socialism where the government owns most major industries; or a single party or dictator rules. This system allows for little personal freedom, and is closely aligned with authoritarianism.

In the United States right now there is corporate socialism, whereby the government mostly benefits wealthy corporations. Most major industries are privately owned, but still receive substantial tax cuts, bailouts, and other benefits at the expense of the taxpayer. Corporate socialism is driven by corporations’ ability to influence laws with large amounts of money to pay for legislation that favors corporations’ ability to make even more money.

Here are a few of the 60 Fortune 500 companies who avoided all federal taxes in 2019: Ameren, Amazon, Avis, Chevron, Delta, General Motors, Goodyear, Haliburton, Netflix, Pitney Bowes, US Steel and Whirlpool. The list of individuals who didn’t pay income taxes in 2019 is even longer.

What we need is democratic socialism, whereby the government mostly benefits citizens.

Capitalism exists with business being privately owned but does not receive handouts from the government at taxpayers’ expense. The tax burden is shared equitably, with wealthy corporations and individuals paying their fair share to help fund services. With this system, middle class thrives and poverty decreases. This system most closely aligns with rule by the people: democracy.

Democratic socialism better funds education, health care, police/fire, Social Security, Medicare and infrastructure.

Don’t believe the lies. Our tax system is already socialistic. However, it overwhelmingly benefits big business, banks, the wealthy and corporations, but not you and me.

Barbara A. Woodruff


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