To The Editor:

Tuesday, Aug. 6, is an opportunity for Wright City to vote for Prop S. I will be voting in favor of this measure because it is time for us to step up and pay for bettering our community. Communities are not meant to live long term on government grants, which are temporary and helpful, but to take ownership and put our own money into stabilizing our community services, such as fire departments, as well as law enforcement, education, etc., and the result will be pride in our community because of our investment.

Wright City’s community leaders have proven to be highly accountable and resourceful with what they have been given for operations. I am ready to entrust them with more and see our town gain a strong reputation of being reliable and innovative with our town’s future in mind. What I want my children and grandchildren to have instilled in them is not to withhold monies to the detriment of my community’s well being in a “get-by” attitude that fosters burden, but to become a city known for contributing together in generosity, caring for one another, and being ready to mutually share our strong community services with other towns as they are in need of vital mutual emergency assistance. I anticipate a strong future for Wright City. I am Wright City proud!

Kim Purl

Wright City

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