To The Editor:

“The college’s role in any tax levy campaign is simply to provide the facts and inform the voters about how the college will serve the county and what costs will be associated with approval of the levy.”

To me, it is a narrative with few facts and details, and no meaningful implementation planning. Sounds like they want the money first and then they might put some meat on the bones they are tossing us. Call it a college but it is a business seeking to build and expand.

If we pass Prop J, the cost and future expenditures will be on us. Prior to putting any proposition on a ballot, St. Charles Community College (SCC) should provide a plan answering all questions. Who, what, when, where, why, how and how much.

They talk about the 16.66 cent levy with no mention of what it equates to in revenue. Why is the ballot limited to R-II and R-III school districts? Are they courting our surrounding areas? Does the tax stand alone or is it somehow tied to our school tax? Who can attend and at what cost?

I think we all believe that there is a need for technical training, but I think it should be simple, flexible, and based on need and circumstances. Before the academics convinced the country that all students should attend college, schools had hands-on shops that allowed students a view of some alternatives. The college “gold rush” has left many students with too much debt and not enough desired jobs to meet their expectations.

SCC is looking for lease possibilities. What if it leased part of the school facilities that we have already paid for and are only in use half a day? It could be a co-op technical training center, not a college. It could be a two-year test program, and surveys could validate the effectiveness of the process.

Most folks would appreciate a fast-track process which would put them to work ASAP. Anyone remember correspondence courses? Imagine, with the use of technology and computers, what opportunities are now available. All you need is access to a computer and you can select specific subject matter, payment plans, and participate when and where you choose.

Colleges and schools rely heavily on computer usage. You can circumvent the middle man, conserve resources, and take steps toward managing your own life. Spend some time researching this alternative on the internet.

Paul Harper


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