To The Editor:

My deep appreciation goes to the Wright City Fire Protection District for their ongoing work in our community. They are fulfilling their primary mission of protecting lives and property every day with quality and distinction. I am deeply indebted to the fire service for their quick response to my house fire several years ago. When I was at my worst, they were there to save me, my family and my property.

They have consistently gone beyond their primary mission to be a constant community partner in helping those with needs in our community. I have witnessed their individual and combined help with the food pantry numerous times and in a variety of ways. Through these years of working alongside them, they have gained my trust.

I have worked beside the leadership as well as the rank and file of our present fire corps. I have found them to be accountable, professional and community focused. To cover the essential needs of staff, equipment and training, I believe the current (proposed) 17-cent tax increase (per $100 assessed evaluation) is honestly needed.

As our city grows so should the available resources needed for first responders. The health and vitality of our fire service is something we all can play a part in. When we find common ground we rise above individual interest for the greater good. Each of us can choose to rally together to meet the needs of our neighbors and our community. United we stand and divided we fall.

This investment benefits our families, our businesses and our entire community. It enables a fire service to thrive on the truck and in the community. Their simple request is asking everyone to help with the challenges of the firefighting they encounter each week. They are worth it, and our community is worth it.

Pastor Joseph Purl

Wright City

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