To The Editor:

The Warren County School District Board of Education’s desire is to move our school district to greater achievement, greater levels. Taking a hard look at our current status, we realize the truth is we cannot continue as we are. We lose staff at rates more than twice that of other districts, making it impossible to build stability.

Lower local and reduced state funding prohibit us from doing what we are elected to do to resolve and achieve at higher levels. Less than 20 miles east, teachers will earn $300,000 more over a career than at Warren County School District, and many other staff positions also experience significance differences. In looking at what matters most for student learning, the most acclaimed study shows collective teacher performance as the No. 1 influence on students’ achievement.

So the most important thing we can do ­— more than technology, early education or even increased parental involvement ­— is put quality staff in place and keep them there.

This board must invest in staff salaries to improve this district’s achievement for our students. You elected us for that charge and we promise that 100 percent of the funds generated by Prop W’s tax levy will go to staff salaries to build the stability needed for students. We have made necessary cuts, including reducing to a four-day school week to save money and improve conditions for many staff members. But we need your help to continue the job. A vote YES on Prop W shows you join us in committing to the youth of Warrenton.

Laurie Wenzel, Warren County School District Board of Education President

Franci Schwartz, Warren County Board of Education Director

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