To The Editor:

I’m 16 and I live in Wright City. I’m a minor and I want to voice my opinion on the mass shootings this year.

America’s mass shooting count as of Aug. 4, 2019, (215th day of 2019): 250. That’s more than one mass shooting in our country a day. Our country is getting deadlier by the day, and I’m afraid.

Sunday morning (Aug. 4) after both mass shootings, I grieved the losses of El Paso and Dayton by mourning on the church altar, something I haven’t done in years. I cried and cried all day knowing that my generation lives in fear and worry.

Mass public shootings are not the only thing happening that is unsettling to us. Racism threatens our friends who are not white, poverty keeps our friends from having the same chances in life, and pollution is so huge that we are not sure there is much of a future to look forward to. The saddest part about it is my generation feels the weight of being the ones to fix these big problems left to us.

All generations together won’t see things the same way, but can’t we agree to actions that show we love and care for each other? Look past skin tone and see your friend. When we see someone with a need let’s pull together and help out. Be responsible for the messes you make and find ways to clean up the world.

I want to put action to my prayers and thoughts after a tragedy. We don’t need to wait for laws to pass before we can do the right thing. We can do the right thing now and lift the sadness.

Chloe Purl

Wright City

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