To The Editor:

I think the voters have sent a message to our school system reps that we are not prepared to support an appeal for additional funds based on the partisan information/data presented. The four-day school week focused on teacher/staff salaries, student attendance and miscellaneous amenities. However, little was mentioned on the real purpose of the educational system, the student.

Eliminating a day to improve attendance only lowers expectations and sidesteps the responsibility of the student and parent. Reminds me of the boss who asked Joe why he is only working four days a week. Joe’s answer, ’cause I can’t make it on three. If there were any added values for the student, they weren’t identified.

Long before the plan was implemented, they were already penning Prop W. Appears to me that they might have realized it was a fad and failed experiment, but proceeded anyway. My uneducated assessment is that it was an unnecessary disruption to the community and added no real value to the educational process.

Please look online for Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) for an unbiased history and assessment of the four-day school week.

Teaching is an honorable and demanding profession and teachers should be compensated for their performance. They were aware going in that the pay is not great, but dedication and desire to fulfill the need for student development led them to embrace that position.

They were probably not prepared for the levels of government they have to endure as well as augmenting the parental role, child care, entertainer, supporting the latest curriculum experiments and daily discipline issues.

There are positives for teacher turnover, but not mentioned. Migration is multidirectional and money is only one of the reasons. There are too many unanswered questions and white spaces in the pitch, to broach in this limited space.

Keep in mind that the seven separate categories listed on our tax bills are currently preparing for increases. I would hope that our reps would consider the cumulative effect on the taxpayer, especially the senior citizen.

Paul Harper


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