To The Editor:

I am writing this letter as an appeal to the citizens of Wright City. As a current resident and retired St. Louis city fire captain, I want to express my great concerns for the Wright City Fire Department and encourage the people of our city to grant their support. As a career firefighter with 35 years’ experience, I can attest to the importance of having four firefighters jumping on the truck every time the alarm sounds. Not just for our security but for their own safety as well. If the upcoming 17-cent tax increase does not pass, we are putting our families and theirs in danger.

If you have a house fire, only two firefighters will be responding to the call if the tax increase is not approved. If the Wright City Fire Department is the first company to arrive on the scene of the fire, they will have no choice but to stand outside the residence and wait for additional personnel and equipment to arrive from Warrenton and Wentzville. That additional time could make the difference in their ability to rescue anyone trapped inside as well as the ability to save your property. No one can imagine how much you need a fully staffed fire department until you need them. Please, don’t wait to find out.

The most recent effort to secure the tax increase fell short by just 9 percent of votes. There is growing momentum in our community to support this critical initiative. More than ever, your vote matters. If each voter could get just two more people to vote in favor, we can secure the future of the Wright City Fire Protection District and enhance its ability to keep the people and property of Wright City safe.

The bottom line is that the need for having four firefighters on the truck every call is indisputable. This applies not only to house fires, but for auto accidents, cardiac arrest calls, and all emergency situations. Hopefully you will never experience the need to call 911, but if you do, you will be glad that four fully trained professional firefighters will respond to assist you. They put their lives on the line to save your family and your property. Won’t you support them? Think about this: for the cost of a gourmet cup of coffee, or a value meal, you will have peace of mind that your fire department is staffed for ultimate protection.

Please let’s support our Wright City Fire Department and get this increase passed.

Capt. Don Rutherford, Retired, St. Louis Fire Department

Wright City

Editor’s note: The Wright City property tax increase proposition will be on the Tuesday, Aug. 6, ballot.

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