To The Editor:

No! We do not want to hear any more convoluted interpretations of the sacred Second Amendment. We know what it meant when it was written.

No! We do not want to hear more mealy-mouthed reasons why guns can’t be taken off the street, while we continue to allow an almost totally unregulated market available to ready buyers of almost any age.

No! We don’t want to hear the “guns don’t kill people” nonsense anymore. Idiots with machine guns definitely DO kill people, and too many of the victims are just children – time and time and time again. Enough was enough long ago!

No! We will not stand by while you use the ongoing suffering and death of innocent people to pimp your political career. You take money from the NRA, and your “thoughts and prayers” will not remove the blood from your hands.

No! We don’t want to listen to more “mental health” excuses, while you vote against funding for treatment and try your best to hide any useful statistics.

No! The survivors of the latest massacre are not being led by outside agitators. They have not been highjacked by liberal snowflakes. They are fed up with senseless slaughter, and they’re not going to take it anymore. What they do not accomplish now, they will attempt to finish when many of them become voters in their own right in 2020.

No! We will not wipe away the tears and pretend we are powerless. We will help them remove this scourge from the face of the Earth. Yes, we will.

No! No! No! Just go away. The “day of the gun” has come and gone. We, and the brave kids who are hurting so much, will join the rest of the civilized world in outlawing almost all implements of mass murder. We will label the NRA and such peddlers of death as domestic terrorists, and we will vote out as many as we can of those who have been co-enablers of their terrorism. You can count on it.

Walt Bittle


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