Both major political parties should know by this time that having members too far from the middle endangers their well-being. Radicalism doesn’t play well in America and both parties have lost members because of extremism in the ranks.

There is a movement afoot to try to energize the national Democratic Party by promoting a more liberal stance. With a socialistic message, these far-out liberals are trying to remake the Democratic Party. Some are running for public offices with an anti-Trump banner. They believe President Donald Trump is misdirecting this country at home and in foreign policies.

What they don’t understand is that a broad range of Americans still support President Trump. They don’t like some of his decisions and his bully-like personality. But on the other hand, they support him in some of his immigration positions, his verbal attacks on our allies, his toughness toward North Korea and his America first words. They don’t like his love affair with the Russian leader. The economy is doing well, which they appreciate.

President Trump has created problems with his tariff policies and he has done little in dealing with mass shootings, especially at schools. He’s ignored some environmental problems.

A remaking of the Democratic Party by far-out liberals isn’t going to help Democrats. Those liberals don’t realize that one of the main reasons the party has lost members is because it already is too far to the left to suit many people, especially in rural areas. Moving even more to the left may suit some urban dwellers.

The same could be said for the Republican Party. For some members, it is not far enough to the right. Other members want more of a middle of the road type of party.

Extremism in politics isn’t going to help either party.

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