After all of the legal hurdles have been cleared, Amendment 1 is certain to be on the ballot in the November election. It is a major ethics reform issue and was originated by an initiative petition that had more than 300,000 signatures of Missourians.

The Missouri Supreme Court rejected a request to hear an appeal on a lower court’s decision that Amendment 1 meets all the requirements to be on the ballot. A circuit court had ruled that the amendment did not qualify for the ballot because it contained too many subjects. An appeals court overruled that decision. The Supreme Court upheld the appeals court decision by refusing to hear the case.

The decision went against lobbyists and legislators who oppose ethics reforms.

It’s a victory for the people of Missouri, including the thousands of voters who signed the petition to put the issue on the ballot. The amendment eliminates nearly all gifts from lobbyists to legislators; requires legislative records be open to the public; limits campaign contributions to candidates for the General Assembly; requires a two-year waiting period for politicians to become lobbyists; and ensures fairness in the redistricting process to draw legislative boundaries, eliminating gerrymandering.

The people spoke through their petition. They want to change the way government is conducted in Jefferson City, doing away with lobbyists’ influence through gifts. It goes a long way in eliminating money given to lawmakers to influence legislation for special interests.

A cleanup in Missouri politics is long overdue. Voters can do the cleanup by voting for Amendment 1.

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