Some of the conditions in the United States today qualify as nonsensical. Maybe we always have had some of those conditions but the degree to which they exist today has reached a new high in ludicrousness.

An example is something Tom Brokaw, the noted television journalist, said on the air for which there was a quick backlash from the oversensitive crowd. What he said was that Hispanics in the U.S. “should work harder at assimilation” with regard to American culture. He was stating his opinion, which he has every right to do. That opinion is shared by many Americans. It wasn’t meant to be derogatory. The veteran newsman was saying what he has observed.

Brokaw apologized when the backlash surfaced almost immediately. We don’t know if the network he works for demanded that he apologize or whether he did it on his own initiative.

Assimilation has been difficult for many immigrants but there is a long history of them adjusting to our culture. We remember talking to an immigrant from Germany. He came to America at a young age without knowing any English. He said he read newspapers to learn the language. He worked hard at it and finally mastered it to the point that he was able to converse and write in English. He turned out to be a successful businessman.

What Brokaw said was a mild criticism. To say they should work harder at assimilation is like a coach telling his team members they must work harder if they want to win the next game. We aren’t aware of any players of color objecting to those remarks.

What about a college professor telling his class of mixed color that they must work harder to earn a passing grade?

It’s OK to tell the whites they must work harder to do whatever, but the oversensitive crowd says that’s a no-no to people of another color.

Americans must rid themselves of this oversensitive binge some are inflicted with!

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