We aren’t aware of any place you can find the number of protests that have resulted in solving a problem or resulting in action for the sought-after solution.

Undoubtedly, some protests have resulted in the change sought while others have merely drawn attention to a cause.

Protests seem to have reached a new high, not only in America but elsewhere in the world. That’s probably due to television and the internet, which contribute to the vast and rapid communication in the world in the computer age.

Protests grow out of frustration with an issue, private or of interest to the general public. There is anger in many of the protestors’ actions and we all know some protests become violent.

In Sunday’s Post-Dispatch newspaper there were pictures and stories about protests for gun laws, urging better treatment of animals, far-right causes, and The New York Times reported on pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong, antigovernment protests in Moscow — there seems to be no end of protests. People are unhappy even though we live in a world with the highest general standard of living ever. The samples given are but a few of the protests being staged. They are held every day somewhere.

Officials do pay attention to protests but following up with action is another story. In some instances, officials’ hands are tied by laws or politics, lack of cooperation or compromise by other officials or bureaucratic red tape.

Some protests are misdirected, even held for silly reasons. They evaporate quickly.

Seldom is immediate action possible to remedy the issue that resulted in a protest rally. It should be mentioned that some of the demands are unreasonable and lack supporting evidence that the issue is in the benefit field of the general welfare of the people.

Peaceful protests are good and the attention gained can lead to positive changes. The right to assemble in a peaceful manner is one of the rights in a democracy’s slate of freedoms.

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