It was good to learn that Republicans and Democrats are coming together on a federal infrastructure program. Both parties recognize the need that exists.

The only downside to the move to bring party leadership together in a massive program to improve roads, bridges and other infrastructure is the administration’s objection to raising the gasoline tax to fund the effort.

The current federal gasoline tax is 18.3 cents a gallon. The tax was raised to that level in 1993.

With the meeting the past week, it had been four months since President Donald Trump and a dozen Democratic Party leaders had met. While no definite plan resulted from the meeting, it was a step forward in meeting the challenge of crumbling infrastructure across the country.

There’s still intensive tension over other disagreements, especially over the Mueller report and the Democrats’ insistence in conducting more investigations as a result of the document. With another presidential election on the horizon, that adds more to the partisan political climate.

Reports say the political leaders in both parties agreed on a $2 trillion proposal. President Trump campaigned on rebuilding America’a infrastructure. Democrats generally recognize the need.

As it is with so many federal programs, how to pay for them can be a huge stumbling block. The suggestion here is to pay some of it by cutting back foreign aid, especially to countries that aren’t that friendly to us and have never said thanks.

It’s going to take skillful legislative leadership to produce a proposal in which both parties can find agreement. At least they’re talking about the issue.

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