The voter turnout in Tuesday’s election was highly disappointing. However, congratulations are in order to the voters who did cast ballots on important issues and candidate races.

Why should voters who simply exercised their right to vote be congratulated? Because they were not overcome with apathy like so many other qualified voters in the county were when it comes to taking the time to vote.

The voters who showed up at the polls also made their voices heard on major issues affecting their communities. By voting, they demonstrated the fact that they care about their public services, and elected officials who govern their taxing districts.

The “no-shows” at the polls neglected a responsibility they have to be a participating member in the operations of their communities. Few excuses for not voting are valid. If they cared enough about what was on the ballots, they would have voted.

Information about most candidates and the issues was available. To be uninformed is a reckless attitude to have in our republic about our democratic benefits.

Casting a ballot providing benefits to citizens also carries with it a responsibility to demand accountability from elected officials, who in turn should work with a political ethic that is in the interests of the general welfare of all citizens.

A good public servant believes in openness in government, is an advocate of the Sunshine Law, and shuns special interests.

A voter has considerable power in his or her hands as to the direction an elected body takes. The power can be used wisely when a voter is informed.

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