Is Gov. Eric Greitens using his physical feats to distract voters from his limited success in governing the state of Missouri? He’s been able to generate considerable publicity for himself by rappelling into a bull-riding rodeo event, crawling through dirt in a SWAT obstacle course and entering a burning building with firefighters.

The former SEAL capitalized on his military training in his run for governor last year, and surprised many Missourians by winning. It’s no secret he wants to be president and has made several trips to other states to meet and greet Republican donors and elected officials to lay groundwork for a presidential run.

The Associated Press said this: “The 43-year-old Greitens — the nation’s second youngest state executive — revels in the attention, posting videos of his action adventures on Facebook and even using them to help stay fit while keeping a demanding schedule.” 

But what kind of record does he have as governor after a year in that office? With no prior government experience, he’s had limited success in meeting his promises to voters. Some of the reforms that came about were in the works before he arrived. Major ethics reform has yet to be realized. Right to work legislation did pass and he signed the bill, but there will be a vote on it in 2018 and it may be discarded by voters. His party controls both Houses but he hasn’t always gotten his way with his Republican Party members.

Gov. Greitens promised transparency in his administration, but that has been his biggest failure. And in large and bold type on the front page, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday blasted Gov. Greitens — “As a Candidate, He Promised Transparency — As Governor, He Hides Behind Dark Money.”

The biggest criticism against the governor is that he is running almost a secret government, and his campaign was largely financed by what is called dark money because the names of the donors don’t have to be made public. It is known much of his funding in the race for governor came from out-of-state sources.

If ever there was a politician who made promises he hasn’t been able to follow through on and whose vision is on a higher office than the one he holds, it is our present governor. He still has time to move in the right direction for the people of Missouri. But he must concentrate on the duties of the office he holds and realize the people of Missouri deserve better in a leader. He needs to open the door of his administration and let light shine on his actions.

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