The type of terrorist in the failed bomb attack in New York City Monday is another indication that it is nearly impossible to stop this kind of bomber. He was a rank amateur and the bomb fizzled, burning the man and injuring three others.

The would-be suicide bomber from Bangladesh, Akayed Ullah, 27, was a legal immigrant who apparently was influenced by Islamic State internet messages. He was unknown to law enforcement officials.

How many more crazed bombers are there among us?

The passageway connecting New York City’s Port Authority bus terminal and the Times Square subway station was back in service Tuesday. The city still was in a high state of security. 

Authorities said it is very difficult to defend against such terrorist attacks. Individuals read propaganda on the internet and are not connected to an organized group of terrorists. 

This attempted attack is expected to add fuel to President Donald Trump’s push to limit immigration based on family ties. Ullah came to the United States on a visa available to certain relatives of U.S. citizens.

The bomb that fizzled Monday was described by authorities to be a crude pipe type. It burned the attacker and left several people with burns. All of the injured have minor injuries.

The attack disrupted traffic in and out of the subway system. Officials worry about subway attacks and other places where many people are gathered. The failed attack Monday is another indication of today’s dangerous world. Innocent people are targets.

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