Book Fosters Language, Social Interaction

Little ones are sure to be captivated by “Lift-the-Flap First 100 Words,” a book published by Scholastic that is sure to please. This user-friendly, fun read has been named the January Baby Buzz Pick by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group selects a quality, hardcover book for children birth to age 5. The second weekend issue of The Missourian features a review of the book written by one of the parent educators. The group then purchases additional copies of the Baby Buzz Pick to use in their visits with children, their parents and caretakers.

The following review was written by Marcia Koch.

“A padded-foam cover, large board pages and realistic photographs make ‘Lift-the-Flap First 100 Words’ a good choice for youngsters, birth to age 5.

“The book is large enough for a parent to hold with a baby on his or her lap, and sturdy enough for a toddler to carry to a favorite reading nook. The themes in the book include toys, food, pets, farm animals, things that go, opposites, colors and numbers.

“Parents can use this book with young babies to foster attachment, social interaction and language skills by pointing, naming objects and describing what is in the picture. Babies are born ready to listen and learn. The pictures are large, colorful and each page only features a few, so as not to overwhelm.

“There are pictures of children’s faces and children in action. Babies may not be able to repeat what a parent says, but hearing a parent’s voice helps the child make brain connections that foster language development in the future.

“As baby gets older, he/she will engage in the reading process by pointing and recognizing the familiar objects and actions observed in daily life. Toddlers will enjoy the lift-the-flap feature that reveals another picture underneath. Sometimes the picture relates to the one on top and sometimes it is a surprise.

“Lift-the-flap activities help fine-motor, memory and turn-taking skills. The page featuring colors will help a preschooler match, point and name colors. A counting page can be used to recognize quantities and identify numbers.”

Other parent educator favorites this month from the Scholastic Early Learner series include “Touch & Feel Baby Animals” and “Carry & Learn Opposites,” both geared for infants to 3-year-olds.

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