A Unique Take on Farm Animals

Long before Old MacDonald became the star of a sing-along that every child knows, kids have been fascinated by farm life. “I Spy on the Farm” by Edward Gibbs uniquely features farm animals and is the newest Baby Buzz Pick chosen by Washington School District parent educators.

Each month the group selects a quality, hardcover book to suggest to youngsters birth to age 5. A review of the book appears in The Missourian the second weekend of each month. The educators then purchase additional copies of the book to use in their visits with children, their parents and caretakers.

This month’s review was written by Sandi Gildehaus, coordinator, Parents as Teachers. “I Spy on the Farm” is being released this month.

“What can you spy with your little eye? Perhaps a piggy or a rooster? This country-fied, colorful board book is sure to become your child’s favorite.

“Peek through the spy hole to discover some noisy little farm animals just waiting to play. The bright colorful animals will have you guessing which one will come next; then just turn the page and the animal will be revealed.

“Your child will become engaged in the guessing game by making the sounds, pointing out colors and then recognizing letters. There is just so much fun to have down on the farm!

“Around your child’s 2nd birthday, he is beginning to understand that objects are made up of different parts. He is becoming a little detective, always observing the differences and similarities among objects and experiences in his world.

“Encourage your child to tell you about his adventures. You are his in-house expert about how things work! You play an important role in building his intellect, in developing skills he will use for the rest of his life.

“Give your child lots of opportunities to explore; play ‘I spy with my little eye something . . . ’ and then describe an object you see outside. Then let your child find something to describe; kids love this game. Make simple puzzles, glue pictures onto cardboard and talk about what’s missing.

“Your child’s curiosity continues to drive his learning and achievement; give him lots of opportunities to explore and foster that curiosity; it’s sure to be an adventure for you both.”

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