"Let's Play"

Interactive fun in bright elementary colors can be found on the pages of “Let’s Play” by Hervé Tullet. This imaginative board book is the Baby Buzz Pick for April, selected for the honor by the Washington School District Parents as Teachers.

Each month the group, in partnership with The Missourian, chooses a quality hardcover book to recommend to babies and children birth to age 5. The parent educators then purchase additional copies of the Baby Buzz Books to use in their visits with children and their parents.

The following review was written by parent educator Gloria A. Bauermeister.

“Toddlers and preschoolers are fascinated by everything, including their parents’ electronic gadgets. ‘Let’s Play’ could be a fitting substitute for electronics — paper and ink, words, colored dots and lines go into a book that provides an intriguing, mysterious hands-on adventure for preschoolers and older children alike.

“What makes the French author’s books stand out is the interactive nature of each of them. ‘Let’s Play’ will take your little one on a playful, experimental trip, with the main character being one yellow dot!

“The first page of the book encourages the reader to ‘Press the top corner of the page to get me started.’ When the page is turned, the yellow dot appears in a different place on the page — just where the child pressed.

“In a way, this book is similar to an electronic game, but in paper form. Your child will experience cause and effect, which helps her feel like she has made something happen. This gives your child a feeling of power, curiosity and elevated self-esteem.

“‘Let’s Play’ teaches colors, opposites and position words the best way —through play. Fingers follow paths, stop and start at traffic lights, go through dark caves and experience more adventures. On one page, the yellow dot jumps off of the page onto the reader’s head!

“Hervé Tullet is this reviewer’s favorite children’s book author! Like many of his books, ‘Let’s Play’ is an interactive delight. For further adventures by Tullet check out: ‘Press Here,’ ‘The Ball Game,’ ‘Mix It Up’ and several other titles.

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