"Ming Goes to School"

Youngsters excited about the new experiences that starting school brings are sure to be taken with “Ming goes to School,” a picture book by Deirdre Sullivan, with illustrations by Maja Löfdahl. This book with a timely storyline is the August Baby Buzz Pick, chosen by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group selects a stellar hardcover book, naming it their Baby Buzz Pick. The Missourian partners with the group, presenting a review of each month’s choice in the second weekend issue of the newspaper.

The following review was written by Sandi Gildehaus, coordinator, Washington Parents as Teachers.

“Ming Goes to School” is a sweet story about going to school for the first time. Ming learns to say hello and goodbye. She meets new friends and gets to bring her old friend to school for Show and Tell. Ming makes fairy castles and faces new challenges like the big red slide.

“Ming pretends with her friends, hosting tea parties and walking the plank on a pirate ship. Ming uses glitter and glue and traces – all fun crafts for a tiny preschooler. The soft watercolors used in this book are soothing for young readers.

“Starting school can be scary for both parents and children. It may help your child to act out what will happen before he starts. Pretend play can help your child gain a sense of control and the ability to manage his emotions. Try to spend extra time with your child reading books, playing games or going outdoors. With your support, your child will thrive as he moves into new areas of growth and learning.

“Your child can receive early education in a preschool, child-care center or home-based child care setting. You could even homeschool your child if you have the time and resources. Your child can benefit from any of these settings. Your child’s experiences at this age teach him that school is a fun, exciting place to be, and he will start kindergarten eager to learn.

“Research shows that children who attend preschool start kindergarten with better vocabularies, understanding of number concepts, knowledge of the alphabet and problem solving skills. Preschool also offers children experiences in social skills. They will learn how to play fair and wait their turn.

“The patterns you and your child form during these years set up the foundation for later years. Positive relationships at this age help parents and children later on, during elementary school.”

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