"Steam Train, Dream Train COLORS

Young children will enjoy a vibrant, fun ride on the rails with “Steam Train, Dream Train COLORS,” by Sherri Duskey Reinker and Tom Lichtenheld. The board book is the March Baby Buzz pick, chosen by parent educators with the Washington School District.

Each month the group suggests a quality book for children birth to age 5. The parent educators use the Baby Buzz Books in their visits with children, their parents and caretakers. Additional copies of the books are purchased by the group and used for this purpose.

A review of each month’s Baby Buzz Book appears in the second weekend issue of The Missourian. The following review was written by parent educator Lisa Ruth.

“This board book about colors is sure to please the budding train enthusiast in your family. Each two-page spread introduces a color and a different train car beginning with the engine.

“Children are sure to enjoy having the chance to curl up on their parent's lap and hear the rhyming story being read to them. Since this book is the perfect size for little hands, children also will enjoy being able to carry it around.

“To pull in the 'dream' theme, each illustration depicts a peaceful night sky, along with an animal on the various train cars, such as a snoozing elephant on the gray coal-car, or the white polar bear on the reefer car. Naturally, the book ends by showing animal friends on the red caboose.

“Children learn colors in three basic steps. The first step for children is to match colors. Parents can point to a page in the book and have the child find something else in the room that is the same color. The second step is having the child point to colors as the parent names them. The third step is for the child to be able to name colors on their own.

“Though these three steps may sound simple, it can take a long time for children to move through them. Parents can provide plenty of time for repeated practice through play and reading.

“With 'Steam Train, Dream Train COLORS' parents and children will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy time together fostering a stronger bond with each other while learning new words and colors.”

Other parent educator favorites this month are, “Steam Train, Dream Train 1-2-3,” “Good Night Like This,” “The House that Zack Built,” and “Bears in a Band.”

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