Eric Schmitt

Missouri state treasurer Eric Schmitt will succeed Josh Hawley as the next attorney general.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Tuesday morning that state Treasurer Eric Schmitt will take over as the next Attorney General of Missouri in January.

Schmitt will complete the four-year term Josh Hawley, who was elected to the U.S. Senate this month and will be sworn into his new office Jan. 3. The attorney general’s office will be up for election again in 2020.

In making the appointment, Gov. Parson emphasized Schmitt’s previous history in state government.

“It was important to appoint someone who has already been thoroughly vetted by the people of Missouri,” said Parson. “(Schmitt) is someone who I highly respect, personally trust, and have full confidence to serve as Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer.”

Schmitt has served as the state treasurer since January 2017. He previously served as a state senator and an alderman for the city of Glendale, according to the governor’s office.

“I promise to fight each and every day so that the next generation of Missourians have the same opportunities I’ve enjoyed in the greatest country on earth,” Schmitt commented after the announcement. “I believe everyone is granted the right to be treated equally under the law. No matter who you are, what race or religion you are, your background, your creed — every single person is entitled to equality of opportunity and a fair shake under the law.”

Schmitt also received a statement of support from Hawley, who said Schmitt is a constitutional conservative and would continue the work of protecting Missouri families.

Schmitt, a Republican, was elected to the office of treasurer in 2016 by a margin of almost 500,000 votes. His appointment as attorney general will create another vacancy that Gov. Parson will have to fill.

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