The Tribute to Veterans Memorial committee is selling a limited number of additional engraved paving blocks for the memorial site in Warrenton. About 200 more pavers with short messages will be placed at the memorial once they have all been sold. 

Caretakers of the Tribute to Veterans Memorial in Warrenton are looking for buyers for around 100 engraved paving stones that will be placed at the memorial.

These pavers will be the final additions to the main area of the monument, said Wendell Webb, chairman of the memorial’s building committee. The engraved blocks form a “Walk of Honor” that encircles the memorial site’s statues and monument wall.

The memorial site honors Warren County veterans who have died during war.

The pavers can be engraved with a short message, and they can be purchased by any person, business or group for $150, Webb said. The money will help pay back the cost of building the memorial.

Paver purchase forms can be found on the memorial’s website,

The Tribute to Veterans Memorial Committee began selling the pavers in 2016. It cut off sales early last year so that construction could begin and the memorial site could be dedicated in November 2018, the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Webb said sales were reopened in January so the committee could finish selling an additional 200 pavers it has planned for the Walk of Honor. About half of that 200 have been sold since then, and all the remaining sales need to be made before the committee can order the pavers in bulk, Webb said. They will then be placed at the memorial.

Webb said many pavers have been purchased by family members who have come together to honor a veteran in their family. The memorial has drawn both local visitors and travelers on Interstate 70, who stop when they see the monument site.

“It’s rewarding, and at the same time it’s like rehabilitation, in that we honor all of our brothers and sisters who have served. It’s nice to see the community come along and honor them also by visiting the memorial, and putting business supports and family supports (on pavers),” said Webb, who is a Marine veteran.

In the future, the memorial site will rely on donations and grant-based funding for ongoing maintenance.

Those who wish to provide future support to the Tribute to Veterans Memorial can contact Webb by emailing The memorial committee accepts direct donations, and also has programs to receive a percentage of sales from Amazon Prime users or scheduled donations through a bank.

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