Nick Schneider performs a set during a musical showcase Tuesday evening at the Warren County Fair. 

Moments after performing a set to those watching the main stage at the Warren County Fair, Nick Schneider was circling the ring with his show hog. The Fair, which kicked off on Tuesday night, has long been a tradition for the young man and his family.

“I’ve always grown up showing at the fair,” said Schneider. “It teaches the kids responsibility, and they get to come out here and have fun. I’ve also got nieces and nephews that are now involved.”

Schneider is just one of many volunteers who help make the Fair possible.

Schneider opened the entertainment as part of the music show that provided locals the opportunity to exhibit their talent. After completing his work at the livestock pavilion, he returned to close on the main stage.

“My older brother started playing guitar when I was in fifth grade, so when I was in about seventh grade I decided I wanted to learn how to play too,” said Schneider, who even performed two originals, including “Everyone in This Town.”

“I picked up an old guitar lying around the house. I’ve always been singing around the house, and it just kind of took off.”

Perhaps just as busy was Sherry Kopmann, who was helping usher show contestants through the chutes and into the ring. What motivates her to continually donate so much time and energy to the event?

“Because it develops amazing kids that turn into hard-working, dependable and responsible young adults who are going to help the world,” said Kopmann.

The Marthasville native has volunteering at the Fair since 2006 — one year after she met her husband, Donnie, there. He is the swine superintendent of the Fair and has been involved for 25 years.

“It is a family affair, because Donnie has two kids running around with clipboards helping,” said Kopmann. “And we both have had kids involved in the show as well.”

Dozens of young livestock enthusiasts showed their sheep, goats and hogs on Tuesday to debut a busy week for local farmers.

Meanwhile, others from ages 3 into their 60s were enjoying the rides as part of the carnival. Fairgoers salivated over the decision of a funnel cake or deep-fried Snickers. The aromas of summertime filled the air as dust settled on the midway.

It was officially the beginning of a long-coveted county tradition.

Events will continue through July 6, with an animal costume contest, tractor pulls and barrel racing Friday evening, and greased pig scramble, demo derby, rodeo and fireworks Saturday evening.

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