Students arrive at Warrior Ridge Elementary School for their first day of the school year on Aug. 13, 2019.

With the implementation of a four-day school week, Warren County R-III will host its first care day on Monday, Aug. 19. This service is offered for students who do not have alternative options on those weekdays when school would have been held in the past.

Janelle Stanek, formerly assistant principal at Warrior Ridge Elementary, has taken over administrative responsibilities for care days.

“We’re trying to make sure we’re a family-friendly district,” said Stanek. “Parents want to know the different ways we’re going to be supporting the community. This is what we like to do to support them.”

There is no charge for students to attend care days, with around 230 students signed up thus far. The majority of those are in kindergarten through fifth grade.

The service is provided within normal school hours of 7:40 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Kindergarten through fifth grade will be held at Rebecca Boone Elementary, while sixth through 12th grade will be at Black Hawk Middle School.

“If parents need services before or after care days, there is Latch Key available for a fee,” said Stanek.

Lunch will be provided on care days at the normal cost the students pay on a school day, but transportation is not provided. However, drop-off and pickup times are flexible.

The care days are designed to be more than a child care service. They will also include curriculum, speakers and even professional services.

Stanek said the district plans to bring in members of the community to educate students about a variety of topics, beginning with the University of Missouri Extension office providing nutrition lessons.

“We want to be able to give learning opportunities and hands-on opportunities for the students,” said Stanek.

Big Smiles Dental will come in for service for sixth through 12th grade, and the school also is working to get a nurse practitioner, as well as counseling, in place for students during care days, so as not to disrupt scheduled school days with health care appointments.

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