The Warrenton Fire Protection District pinned badges on one new firefighter and three promoted officers on July 24. Pictured, from left, are firefighter/EMT Bryan Pollard, volunteer Lt. Sean Jaillet, Chief Anthony Hayeslip and Capt. Jeff Dunn. 

Warrenton Fire Protection District has named firefighter Jeff Dunn as the district’s newest captain, filling a hole left when Anthony Hayeslip became the district chief in June.

Dunn, Hayeslip and two other firefighters were honored at a badge pinning ceremony July 24. Chief Hayeslip said Dunn was selected to the role of captain because of his seniority and previous team leadership experience.

Multiple Warrenton firefighters applied for the captain’s position, and it was a tough decision to make, Hayeslip said.

“We could have picked any one of them and probably had a very successful candidate,” he commented.

The fire district also welcomed volunteer firefighter Bryan Pollard onto its full-time professional staff to fill Dunn’s position.

At the same time, Hayeslip said fire district leaders wanted to take a step toward revitalizing its volunteer roster. Toward that end, they believe having a junior officer among the volunteers will be beneficial, Hayeslip said. 

The fire district selected an experienced and active volunteer, Sean Jaillet, to become a lieutenant and serve as the immediate leader of the district’s volunteer firefighters.

In that role, Jaillet will be an important resource as the district seeks to bring in new volunteer members, Hayeslip said.

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