Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson

A sex offender labeled as an absconder from Warren County never actually registered here and has been wanted by law enforcement for over 15 years, said Sheriff Kevin Harrison.

Kevin G. Olson is one of two offenders not meeting registration requirements in the county in July, when Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released a statewide report on noncompliant sex offenders.

The sheriff’s office said one of those offenders was simply late with his regular registration. But Harrison said Olson was identified as an absconder in the early 2000s and has never complied with registration laws.

“He’s never registered. We have no idea where he is. He’s a fugitive,” Harrison said.

Olson was convicted in 1997 of a first-degree child molestation charge in Douglas County. When he was eventually released from custody, he was required to register as a sex offender.

Harrison said Olson told state authorities he would be moving to a home in Marthasville, making the Warren County Sheriff’s Department the agency he should be registering with. But there’s no proof he ever actually came here, and at this point he could be anywhere, the sheriff said.

A warrant for Olson’s arrest for failure to register was issued in 2003.

Kim Symes, formerly the department clerk who processed sex offender registrations, said she has heard rumors of Olson being in Arizona or some other state. In response to the state auditor’s report that a second offender also is noncompliant, Symes said the offender came in 10 days late to register and is back in compliance.

The number of registered sex offenders in Warren County shifts as people are added to or removed from the registry for various reasons. The number currently is in the mid-80s, Symes said. Offenders are required to register their home address, place of employment, and other relevant information.

Sheriff Harrison said deputies regularly check on offenders to make sure they are compliant, especially when violations are reported by members of the community. Although all but one offender were compliant as of early August, Harrison said some resist registration requirements. Common violations include living someplace other than their registered address, or not updating their registration paperwork frequently enough.

Deputies are quick to investigate whenever a violation is reported by department clerks or community members, Harrison said.

“I think most people in a community know if they have an offender living near them, and they keep an eye on them,” the sheriff commented.

He added that the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office has been aggressive in charging sex offender registration violations and prosecuting those cases in court.

Failing to register as a sex offender is itself a felony crime, punishable by a fine or incarceration.

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